Tools that I used

Sublime Text for editing code. I need to master the shortcuts to up my productivity.

Webpack to build the Dashboard code. Of course this leverages many open source projects including NodeJS. I am using a pre-configured setup of Webpack which Lint checks my code and produces compacted minified files. I still need to learn how Webpack works and how to customize the configuration since I just use it out of the box as a tool right now.

Debuggex online visual REGEX tester. This saves a lot of time when designing/testing a REGEX match pattern.

TortoiseHg is a GUI front-end for Mercurial (version control) that runs on Microsoft Windows. I also push my code to Bitbucket. This is a great combination of tools I think.

I plan to use this tool more: Responsive Design Simulator as I create more responsive sites.

Image Management by Cloudinary. I integrated their image upload widget into the Content Editor. However, the widget functionality will probably find it's way directly into the Content Editor I suspect ;)

If I need Icons, I head over to Material Design Icons and download the SVG code for an Icon and sometimes tweak the code to flip or change the color etc.

Working in the Browser, I tend to use the Chrome Developer Tools a lot to examine http traffic, to Inspect web page elements, and to experiment with element colors. Also, Vue.js have an Extension that allows us to check out our Vue App state in the Browser.