Open Source Credits

Here are the Open Source JavaScript code libraries that we used (the Backend server code uses PHP).

Vue.js JavaScript Framework for creating single-page front end Apps. This framework allowed us to create modular components for the Dashboard.

ContentTools is a web page content editor that we integrated into OtakuCMS.

Axios is a promise-based HTTP client that we used to handle asynchronous data requests from the Dashboard to the Server.

Dateformat is a useful library for producing formatted Date strings from millisecond time values.

Alertify was used to create nice-looking pop-up dialogs and message notifications.

vee-validate is a plugin for Vue.js and was used to validate HTML form input values and to display errors.

vue-router 2 is a plugin for Vue.js and was used to handle the navigation between pages within the Dashboard.

vuedraggable is a Vue.js component used to add drag and drop behaviour to an array of objects such as visual components.