Developer Guide

In this guide I want to provide some background regarding the Development and Build Environment. Also, I want to explain how the Backend Engine works so that developers may understand how to create Plugins and Themes whilst preserving the philosophy behind it all.

The code repository is here: https://bitbucket.org/backend-coder/otaku6. There you are able to browse the source code and see the commit details.

The code is like 2 projects: the Dashboard using Vue.js (JavaScript, Webpack), and the backend code written in PHP. Node and JS land on the Front End and NGINX, IIS, Apache territory on the Back End.

The Front end code is developed in the Web Pack (JavaScript environment) and the server is only for HTML and JS. But AJAX requests are made to an IIS Server on my Windows computer that runs PHP scripts.

The Backend PHP code runs on IIS in the development mode.

The Build process is maybe a bit disjointed? The Front end code is built with Webpack and the files copied to the Dashboard folder of the development version of the site via a PHP Build script.

Following this process we have the latest version of the Dashboard installed in the PHP development environment.

Then we may build the deploy-able code by running a PHP build script. And finally run a Deploy program (written in C#) that copies the code over an SSH tunnel to an NGINX server (Linux box) that provides the downloads.

So that is a little bit of information about how the code is set up in the Development environment. Next, let's dive into the code ...