About OtakuCMS

Hi I'm Andrew Wilkes, I created Otaku CMS to provide a simple, yet powerful solution for website creation and content management.

I started coding version 1 in November 2013 but some of the code was based on my earlier work coding my own CMS for internal use. Now it is at version 6 which powers this website.

Also, I hope that this platform becomes popular with many other developers and designers around the world.

The engine code is written so as to be efficient, easy to understand, and flexible to use.

One aim was to decouple the administration code from the core as much as possible to allow for changes made to the dashboard not having any affect on the core code.

The dashboard code is much more complicated than the website engine code since it needs to support a graphical user interface with multiple admin screens. But none of this is needed to display the web pages of the website. Also, the Dashboard makes use of modern Javascript framework technology which may not be compatible with older browsers that users use to view your site. Also, search engines don't necessarily understand Javascript (another reason to keep the code separate).

Site setup and administration is made as simple as possible, without too many bells and whistles to add clutter. Out of the box, the code should just work on a typical (Linux or Windows) shared-hosting web server.

Another big thing that we don't do is use a Database. We believe that the majority of websites do not need an advanced database. We use flat files to store data, and where data may normally be sorted and selected, it may well be cached in a separate file such as for the comments on blog posts. So this helps to keep things simple, removes the problem of SQL Injection attacks, and avoids the need for a complex caching system to counteract the inefficiency of assembling web page data from a database on each page load.

Another aim was to produce a tool to do a job rather than create an ever-growing monster of code that is continually being updated, broken, and fixed. Anything other than very core functionality is moved out to plugins so that the core code may remain stable.

Hopefully you will enjoy using Otaku CMS and it works well for your online projects.