Fast and lightweight content management system

Otaku is a Japanese word used to describe people with an unusually deep interest in a topic. Hence Otaku CMS is born out of the author's quest to code an awesome CMS solution.

Download Otaku CMS

Download the Installation Wizard (install.php) and upload to your web hosting home page directory.

Download the Installation Wizard Zip file including a readme.txt tutorial file

To start the Installer, simply browse the URL:


Version 2 is available!


  • No SQL database (SQL injection attacks) to worry about
  • No cache required (naturally fast page load speed)
  • Separation between dashboard code and the core
  • Folder locations are easy to rename
  • Script finger print is easy to obscure
  • Support for plugins
  • Supports text spinning and Ad rotation
  • Time-stamped backups of your site snapshot to zip files to easily rebuild everything from your historical downloads
  • Easy one-click first-time install and setup with the Install Wizard
  • Quick button-click update to the latest version of the code (your choice) from the Dashboard
  • Powerful token editor for injecting code snippets into content
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Designed for Apache server hosting (but not limited to it) and PHP5
  • Open source code (appeals to developers of plugins, the community can contribute to improvements, shares coding ideas)
  • Supports multiple sub-domain sites for other users or your own multiple sites per domain
  • Responsive single-page App technology used in the Dashboard based on the latest advancements in Client-side technology
  • Tool to easily convert/import a WordPress Blog to Otaku CMS together with optional relocation of your image files
  • Simple, but powerful Image Manager produces thumbnails, re-sized images, favicon, and avatars as required
  • Built-in language translation functions to attract global publishers and developers

Otaku CMS aims to be powerful, yet easy to use. It's also Developer-friendly with well-structured, clean, and lean code. And User-friendly due to the App-like control panel that can even be replaced with 3rd party solutions.


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